Why Old Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

Some people prefer having old cat than young cat. One of the reasons is because old cat are already disciplined while a young cat will still have to undergo training. Old cat are not choosy because of their different experiences in their lifestyle, different environment that they lived on. Unlike young cat, an old cat doesn’t already need much attention. Even if they are alone inside the house for how many days, their behavior will not be affected. But behind this advantage, cat owner’s common problems for both young and old cats occur, the problem on pooping and peeing. We also see old cat urinating the litter box. Even if they are disciplined, there is always a tendency for them to urinate outside their box. We may ask why old cat urinating outside litter box, here are the tendency:

  • New litter box- this change can affect old cats; they are capable of staying in a litter box which they are living for a long time and which makes them feel comfortable.
  • Litter box shared by a new cat- old cat doesn’t want to share their litter box with new cats. Sometimes they’re the one who is leaving which cause the old cat urinating outside litter box.
  • Age factor- old cat are lazier than young cat. If they stay outside the box and feel that they are going to poop and pee, they will just make it in where they stay.
  • Medical disease- as they are already old, their immune systems are getting weaker and they are prone to disease and illnesses. If noticed something abnormal to their behavior, this might be the cause so we have to consult a veterinary to check out old cat’s condition.

Even if they are old, they still bring happiness to our family and home. We may get irritated when we see our old cat urinating outside litter box but we have understood that they are already old. Even an old man or woman is doing the same.


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