Stop Kitten Urinating On Bed – Be Careful In The Beginning To Avoid Problems At A Later Date

Stop Kitten Urinating On Bed – Be Careful In The Beginning To Avoid Problems At A Later Date

The idea of having a new kitten in the house may be very attractive for all the members of the family. So much so that you may forget the basic golden rules when it comes to training the kitten properly. You must remember that the kitten must have a specific place of its own in the house. This does not mean that you should not treat it like a member of your family.

You must understand that the natural behavior of the pet cat is different as compared to human beings. Cats are social animals but they also need their space. If you do not provide the kitten with the space early on, it will simply presume that the master bedroom happens to be its space. Once this happens, you will find it very difficult to stop kitten urinating on bed.

Another common mistake is to hold the kitten in hand at all times and take it all over the house and even on the bed. This is obviously going to increase the chances of the pet cat feeling comfortable on the bed. The bed invariably happens to be a comfy spot which is always maintained properly.

Cats love clean places and are particular about cleanliness when it comes to eliminating waste. Hence, if you place the kitten on the bed for long hours, it may simply conclude that this is the best place to eliminate waste. Once that happens, you will find it difficult to stop kitten urinating on bed.

So, how should you proceed? It is advisable to have a specific timetable and place the pet cat at a specific spot during specific hours. Food and elimination should always take place at a single spot. Of course, do not make the mistake of placing the litter box too close to the eating place. The kitten is not going to like that at all.

All these small things will reinforce the message that the certain activities like eating, sleeping and eliminating must be done at specific places only. Once you have a trained the kitten, you can take it on the bed without any worries of how to stop kitten urinating on bed.

Remember, kittens are very impressionable and can be trained very well if you do not make any training mistakes. Use the web to find out the best solutions to your problem of finding how to stop kitten urinating on bed.

3 comments to Stop Kitten Urinating On Bed – Be Careful In The Beginning To Avoid Problems At A Later Date

  • Sarah

    I have two male cats who are litter mates. They are now about a year old and since we got them when they were around 4 months, they have used the little box without any problems. Recently they have stopped using the litter box altogether and prefer open drawers, laundry baskets, and under the bed.
    We had another cat, an older male who passed away last week. While he was sick I put a second litter box on the main floor of the house because he was too weak to go up and down the stairs. When he passed I went back to just having the one box in the basement.

    I don’t know if they’re missing the other cat? Or mad that I took away the convenience of a litter box on the main floor? I’m thinking it’s not health related because they’re both doing it. I love them dearly, but it’s making me crazy. Help!

  • Julie

    i have a 3 year old male neutered i got another make nutered kitten 2 1/2 months ago they get along great they play n sleep together the only thing they don’t is the older cat goes outside and the little one I don’t want to for the last 1 1/2 weeks he has been peeing on my bed (which the dog and 2 cats always sleep) I need help in what to do to get him to stop.

  • Matt

    I recently got a kitten from a friend (who’s family isn’t the cleanest) she is only 8 weeks old, but tonight when I was getting ready to go to sleep I found that she had urinated on my bed! She didn’t use the litter box before we got her according to the person who gave her to me, but she was good for me up until now, what do I do?

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