Stop Cat Urinating On Rug – Adopt A Twin Pronged Approach To Solve This Problem

Stop Cat Urinating On Rug – Adopt A Twin Pronged Approach To Solve This Problem

Do you love rugs and carpets but fear purchasing the same because you do not know how to stop cat urinating on rug? Well, you may be facing this problem simply because you have not trained the cat properly. You may not know it but the pet relies a lot on positive appreciation from the pet owner. The pet cat may behave as if your praise and appreciation do not matter. However the truth is that it is very keen on enjoying your praise.

No Praise Means No Motivation

It may have eliminated in the litter box a few times but might not have received any praise. This may have led the cat to conclude that it does not matter where it eliminates. If you just focus on negative criticism and if you shout or yell when the pet cat urinates on the rug, it is certainly not going to help you train the cat to stop cat urinating on rug.

Trying to get rid of the rug from the house is not going to work. This is only going to make the cat search for the rug or the cat may continue eliminating at the same place where the rug was situated. Rather, you should first clean the rug properly with bleach and other disinfectants that will completely remove the smell of the urine.

Make Litter Boxes Attractive

The second step to stop cat urinating on rug is to focus on the positive aspects of elimination in litter. Get a few litter boxes and opt for different brands and differently scented litter. Place them close by and find out which litter box does the cat prefer. The rug may be very soft and comfy and the cat may prefer the rug for elimination for this purpose. If the cat is provided a fancy new litter box which is completely free of odor, it is obviously going to attract its attention.

Once you have introduced the litter box as the alternative to stop cat urinating on rug, it is time to reinforce the message. Try to catch your pet cat doing good things by accident. Make sure you praise it a lot. Give it a good hug and make sure it understands that you are very pleased at the fact that it has behaved properly. All this will reinforce your basic message that you aim to stop cat urinating on rug. The combination of all solutions should definitely help you solve your problem permanently.

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