Stop Cat Urinating On Furniture – Is Ammonia The Culprit? Here Is What You Should Do

Stop Cat Urinating On Furniture – Is Ammonia The Culprit? Here Is What You Should Do

The early bird always gets the worm. Well, this adage is particularly true in case of those pet owners who face the problem of cats who eliminate outside their litter box. Many persons complain that they find it difficult to stop cat urinating on furniture. However, the truth is that they simply have a cat that, for some reason, does not like eliminating in the litter box and has chosen the furniture as the alternative.

You must understand that the mind of the cat works in a structured and logical manner. The first step was that it rejected the litter box. The second step was that it started preferring the furniture. What cleansing agent have you used when cleaning the furniture of pet cat urine?

Break The Trend Without Scolding The Cat

This may be a very big factor when you are trying to stop cat urinating on furniture. The urine of the cat contains ammonia. The smell of ammonia in the urine shall be retained in the object on which the cat has eliminated even after it has dried. You may think that simply using any cleansing agent to clean the dirt and the muck is sufficient. Well, that is not the case.

If you make use of ammonia or if you make use of any cleansing agent that contains ammonia, the cat may end up concluding that the urine has not been cleaned at all. This means that the cat will presume that you have given the green signal for it to continue eliminating on the furniture.

Yelling Only Makes Things Worse

When you yell at the cat, it may be really surprised because as far as it is concerned, you are perfectly cool with the idea of eliminating on the furniture. It is your mistake of using ammonia in the cleansing agent that is creating the problem. This is the thing that is preventing you from implementing solutions that will stop cat urinating on furniture.

So, what options do you have? Just log onto the internet and get in touch with other cat owners. Find out how they tackled the problem. Find out whether other cats have a natural tendency to urinate on the furniture. If yes, then which furniture do they prefer? By spreading the word around, you will increase your chances of getting clues and hints.

Combine this with technical knowledge about behavior of the cat obtained from vets and other pet owners. They should be sufficient to help you stop cat urinating on furniture.

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  • Julia

    I rescued a tiny kitten just over 4yrs ago near the railroad tracks and named her Lucky Tracks. We have 3 cats total now and she’s the only female. We have a litter box for each cat (all are lined up in the basement), all cats are healthy, all cats are fixed (Lucky and Ted were fixed July 2010 .. Ted is her only son and was born July 2009). Lucky is the pee-er/poop-er .. we don’t know when the problem started though but now know it’s been going on for a LONG WHILE. We saw her get in a clean laundry basket we brought upstairs and squat .. TWO to THREE FEET IN FRONT OF ME! .. she peed on the sofa last month and I think she did it again there .. also .. we will wash throw rugs and she’ll pee on them within an hour of them being placed on the floor. today she peed on my son’s pants that were dirty and next to the steps to go down to the laundry .. and we know it’s been a ‘long while’ cause we had stuff stored under the half stairs and cleaned/pulled it all out yesterday and it was COVERED in pee and poo! We thought the litter box was stinky and tried all types of litter (ending with Fresh Step for it’s perfume fresh scent). There was a LOT of poop.
    so we cleaned the litter box yesterday, cleaned out all the nasty under the stairs and she peed on my son’s pants .. WTF is wrong with this cat that she won’t go in a clean box?? She’s only gotten out(side) once and that is why we have Ted but she’s about to be an outside kitty and not know how ‘Lucky’ she has it now.

  • Karin

    Monday I had my cat declawed. The vet had me pick her up Tuesday and sent pain meds along to be given Thursday which I did yesterday morning. Shortly thereafter Sassy eliminated on my couch and did the same again this morning. I also changed the cat litter from scoopble to yesterday’s new per the vets advice. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Miranda

    I’m pretty sure I have solved my cat’s inappropriate urination problem and I want to share with anyone who is dealing with the same issue.

    A bit of background: over the last 3 years, my now 5 year old female cat had made a habit of uriniating on my furniture, specifically when I would stay out overnight. About 8 months ago she started to do it for apparently no reason at all. I was unable to identify the cause. It wasn’t a litter box issue – I clean her litter every day and replace the litter & clean the box every two weeks. I cleaned any areas where she urinated immediately and thoroughly. I even replaced the furniture entirely thinking it may solve the problem. Nothing worked.

    About 3 months ago I came across some positive reviews on a website for a plug-in diffuser with “Feliway” that was said to address behavioural problems in cats. I was unable to find the product at my local pet store but instead found a similar diffuser called “Pet-Ease Plus” by Nutri-Vet. I plugged it in when I got home and ever since it’s been like I have a different cat. She seems happier, she is more playful yet not as aggressive as she used to be when she plays with me, she is more affectionate and most importantly, SHE STOPPED PEEING ON MY COUCH & CHAIRS!!! Two days after plugging in the diffuser for the first time I went away for the weekend. The furniture was fine when I came home. I have been away overnight several times since and still have not had any problems. I highly recommend you try Pet-Ease Plus if you are experiencing similar issues with your cat. If you have a large area you may want to get a couple diffusers (or more). 1 diffuser covers and area of about 400sq ft.

    Also, if you’re looking for a product to remove the cat urine smell from your furniture, try “Nok Out”. It’s the best stuff I have used (and I think I am close to having tried it all). To use, wipe the area down thoroughly with a cloth and COLD water, pat dry with a towel, then saturate the area with Nok Out and let air-dry. It completely removes the odour. Do not use anything else with it other than water otherwise it will not work as well.

    I hope others out there will find this helpful. Good luck!

  • Sue Fanelli

    Our cat that we rescued is just shy of 2 years old. Hubby caught him this morning peeing on our love seat.That is the first time we ever caught him, god knows how many times he has done it before. Now mind you I have several dogs as well as cats. My dogs have done the peeing and pooping on the furniture and we would wash it with regular detergent. Yes the smell is probably still in the slip covers and the inside cushion. So now our cat is doing the same thing yuck..By the way our cats are inside cats. In one of the responses from Miranda but will it work for the dogs are well. She recommended Pet-Ease-Plus and also Nok-out. Also I need to know where to purchase these items asap. We use a spray called OdoBan..

  • Miranda

    Hi Sue,

    I buy both from Pet Valu. If there isn’t one located near you try Googling the product name – a lot of stores will list it on their website if they carry it. You could also try asking your local pet store whether they could order it in for you, or buy online from the manufacturers website.


  • Tom

    I found the products on amazon.
    Pet-Ease Plus and Nok-Out

  • Hi Miranda,

    How long do you use that plug-diffuser for? Do you use one until it is gone and that is it? They are quite expensive. I have 2 cats, a brother and a sister who are 4 years old. The female is the one peeing. She seems to only do it at night when we are sleeping and she does it on rugs/carpet. Once we remove one rug, she finds another one to go on. All of them are in the main floor around the foyer. Please help me! I am desperate.m How long do you use the dug user? Thanks. Judy

  • Winnie

    I have an eight month old female who stays inside. I have had numerous cats in my life on the inside. This cat is going to cost me my marriage if I don’t get help soon! Tonight she scratched on our bedroom door and while I was half asleep I let her in. We have to close the door to keep her from urinating on the bed. So, she shortly walked around my pillow purring then in a few minutes urinated a large puddle on my husband.
    She uses furniture also. Earlier today I opened a bedroom and she jumped up on the bed and urinated on clothes I had on the bed. The liter box was clean.
    I am desperate. She will even go under my son’s bed and urinate on the wood floor. She has urinated in the ac vents too. She does seem to be worse when she is in season, which is every month now.

  • Beverly

    These comments are very helpful. I have four cats: all rescued – 3 males and the last to be rescued Jan 2013,is a female. The males are inside/outside pets, and because I had the female declawed I have kept her inside. She has been a sweet, loving pet, very much bonded with me. One of the males has always been very fond of me and I have witnessed acts of jealousy toward her. So I assumed she was reacting to the aggression toward her by urinating on my sofa (leather, so was easy to clean up). I keep towels on that particular spot (it is where I usually sit) and every morning there is a wet spot on them. Soon as the weather warms I planned to put her outside for at least most of the day, but will instead try the covered litter box and Miranda’s advice about the Pet-Ease-Plus or the defuser.

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