Stop Cat Urinating On Clothes – Understand The Reason To Tackle The Problem

Stop Cat Urinating On Clothes – Understand The Reason To Tackle The Problem

Uncontrolled elimination by the pet cat can be very irritating and disgusting. Of course, people understand that the pet cat will not have the same bathroom manners as human beings. However, to find that a fully trained pet cat ends up urinating on your clothes regularly can be very disgusting. What steps should you take to stop cat urinating on clothes?

You should check out the following pointers that will give you hints on why the problem is taking place

-        Does the cat have a specific preference for specific clothes?

If the pet cat urinates on clothes that you have worn for very long time or in which you have worked a lot, it is obvious that your pet cat is attracted by your sweat. Rather than working on how to stop cat urinating on clothes, you should focus on controlling the cat from marking its territory in this manner.

-        If the cat has urinated on clothes that belong to a family member who is not present, it may simply be means of your cat expressing stress and frustration of absence of a loved one. In such a scenario, the best option is to simply hide the clothes stop cat urinating on clothes

-        What if no inclination?

If your cat does not show any such inclination toward specific clothes and simply is undisciplined about the entire matter, then perhaps it is not satisfied with quality of litter in the litter box. This is a definite possibility. You may be focusing on how to stop cat urinating on clothes while the truth is that you should be focusing on how to get the pet cat to eliminate inside the litter box. Missing this point can lead to problems because you will focus on energy on the wrong idea. You will try to focus on clothes and the truth is that you should focus on the problem that is existing inside the litter box.

Remember, there is no quick solution that will help you stop cat urinating on clothes. You have the option of trying commercial product but they only help you so far. If you want a permanent solution, you will have to focus on training the cat properly. This may involve slightly hard work but you will enjoy permanent results. Of course, you can use online resources, and chemicals and products purchased online to put a temporary stop to this problem very efficiently.

1 comment to Stop Cat Urinating On Clothes – Understand The Reason To Tackle The Problem

  • Vera DeRosier

    I have 4 cats my daughter is the cat lover. Don’t get me wrong now that I have them I love them but I have one who pees on rugs towels and clothes I am sick of it. It has to be my husbands sent cuz is allways where he has been or his clothes. I have been married for 38 years and I don’t think he can be trained. I guess the problem is I don’t know at all which one it is.I do know that I am sick to death of it . I am thinking of putting whoever it is outside in our shop.I guess maybe I will have to buy a camera to set it up.I do know I am sick of it this morning my husband had thrown his dirty shirt on the spare bed and so it got peed on!!!!!

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