Stop Cat Urinating On Bed – You May Face This Problem After Getting A New Pet In House

Stop Cat Urinating On Bed – You May Face This Problem After Getting A New Pet In House

Young children often urinate on the bed because they do not have control over their bladder when sleeping. However, why should your pet cat be scolded for committing the same mistake? Read ahead to find out how to stop cat urinating on bed.

Beware The Green Eyed Monster Cat

Pet cats are very sensitive and delicate creatures. They may not show it but they are very jealous of your love and attention. If you have got our new pet in the house, it is obvious that you will spend the first few weeks focusing more on the new pet. This may not be a conscious decision but you may have inadvertently ignored the pet cat.

In such a scenario, it is natural for the cat to feel ignored and lonely. It may also feel very jealous that the new pet is getting all the attention. In such a scenario, it may feel the desire to mark you as its property. This may be done by urinating on your bed so that you and the bed automatically becomes its territory.

This is the basic and instinctive behavior of the pet cat. If you want to stop cat urinating on bed, you will simply have to make sure that the cat does not feel jealous. How is this possible? Well, the simplest option is to spend some time with the pet cat. Another useful of idea is to introduce the pet cat to the other pet. If both the pets become good friends, then each and every second you spend with one will automatically count for the others as well.

Equal Attention Matters A Lot

On the other hand, if you keep the two pets separate, you will have to take extra effort to give equal attention to both. You can delegate the task of taking care of the pet cat to one member on a daily basis. Remember, the cat is smart enough understand that just one member of the family takes care on a daily basis. You should implement a rotation policy so that the pet cat does not feel neglected.

If you take care of the psychological issues, you will find that the problem goes away on its own and you do not have to take any other measures to stop cat urinating on bed. Of course, you can use this the time to provide extra training to the pet to ensure that it the never ever urinates on the bed. However, all these solutions to stop cat urinating on bed will not work unless you take care of the basic problem.

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