Stop Cat Peeing On Sofa – Some Useful Tips To Help You Prevent And Solve This Problem

Stop Cat Peeing On Sofa – Some Useful Tips To Help You Prevent And Solve This Problem

Why is it so important to stop cat peeing on sofa? Well, any pet owner who has faced this problem will tell you that cleaning up after the cat has eliminated can be a very difficult task. If this problem continues for very long time, the sofa will begin to smell off pet urine at all the time. Needless to say, it can be very embarrassing to ask your guests to sit on a sofa that makes them winkle their nose in distaste.

Hence, it is advisable to stop cat peeing on sofa as early as possible. This means that you will have to keep an eye out for such behavior at all times. Many focus on these aspects in the very beginning when the pet is being trained. Once the training process is complete, people simply conclude that the problem shall never come up again.

Constant Vigilance Is Unavoidable

That is when they discover to their horror that their sofa is almost completely filled with pet urine at all times. In all probability, the problem began very early. It is your mistake that you did not find it quickly enough.

If you want simple and quick solution to stop cat peeing on sofa, you can focus on making the object as unattractive as possible. If you know that your cat prefers the sofa and prefer elimination in the litter box as the alternative for the sofa, you can make use of products that will make the cat feel disgusted about the idea of eliminating on the sofa.

Use Online Resources And Products Wisely

There are specific products available in the market that will generate a smell that can be sensed only by the cats. It will create physical and psychological effect on the cat and the pet will simply hate the idea of eliminating on the sofa. This is a very simple and effective solution to stop cat peeing on sofa.

However, this approach presumes that the animal prefers eliminating in no other place except for the litter box with the sofa being the only exception. If you have the problem of the cat eliminating all over the place, then using such a solution is only one to encourage the cat to move to some other place. Not only should you focus on solutions that will prevent cat peeing on sofa, you should also teach it to use the litter box as the rule. This is the best long term solution.

8 comments to Stop Cat Peeing On Sofa – Some Useful Tips To Help You Prevent And Solve This Problem

  • Suzan

    My cat has peed on my sofa once again! The smell is so awful that I can’t enjoy sitting in my living room anymore. I need a home remedy that is going to work. Please help.

  • Rosemary

    We have a new cat (Siamese) in the neighbourhood
    Our two cats have since started peeing inside, on walls, sofas carpet etc. Please can someone tell me what I can use to stop this.
    Have tried stuff from the vets, it doesn’t work.
    I think I need something really potent to stop them. Any ideas???????????

  • Rosemary

    I have finally found a remedy to stop cats peeing inside. Get some Moth balls, crush them, spread onto the carpet under sofas etc. Put the whole moth balls down the gap in sofas between arm and seat. Put moth balls anywhere where you think they are peeing. It is working for me.
    Good luck.

  • Conny

    I’ve tried a whole lot of different cat litter products, but my cat’s pee doesn’t clump.Could it be her pee itself? What can I do.

  • Candice

    I have had to confine my cat. My sofa is new and she has hit it 3 times. If this continues she will be gone. Search and Rescue pet. This is not working. Her litter box is clean and she has plenty of food and water.

  • dominic

    What type of moth balls are you using?

  • eugenia

    My cat is 7 months old and constantly pees on my couch.
    He is nuetered and has plenty to do activity wise. Iv rubbed his nose
    In it, iv smacked him, I’m sprayed him, iv thrown him in water and yet
    He still doesn’t get it ?!

    I’m going to try the moth balls and orange peels .. maybe it will help

  • Tere

    Hitting and terrorizing your pet will not help your situation! That is abusive. Call and ask your vet for advice, do some research. Your cat is not going to tell you what’s wrong. You need to be patient and try to deduce what’s causing him to pee on your couch. Show him some love!

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