Prevent Your Female Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

Prevent Your Female Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

A trained cat, whether male or female is expected to have mastered within months of birth the basics of using a litter box when the need to urinate arises. For some female cats, this is achieved easily but over time it may become noticeable that the pet deviates from normal behavior by urinating where it is not supposed to. There are various ways to prevent this from happening and they include the following.

  • Investing in a litter box that is covered could go a long way in stopping the female cat urinating outside litter box. Just as with any female species, privacy is paramount and for this particular sex of a cat, there is no difference. Any ordinary litter box that is very open may be used by the female cat in the initial stages but with time the pet may start to completely avoid it. The solution to this would be to switch the litter box with one that is well covered up for adequate privacy.
  • In a situation where many cats live in the same home, a female one in their midst may behave differently when it comes to urinating. This is even when all the other cats continue to use their litter boxes the right way. The reason behind this odd behavior would be that the many cats moving around, especially near the litter box may cause the female cat to avoid using it. This is also related to the need for privacy and for the return to normalcy to be achieved the litter box should be relocated to a less busy part of the house.
  • Another way to stop female cat urinating outside litter box would be by making the use of this tool enjoyable. Pets love to be pampered and cats are no different, getting a bowl of milk for the female cat or any other treat after correctly urinating in the litter box will work to ensure the continued behavior.

Female cats are very particular especially when it comes to them urinating.  It would be advisable to look for a more comfortable place to put the litter box to give maximum privacy and freedom.



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  • ken h

    recently my 11 yr old cat died, my other cat is 15 and she has started urinating on the furniture. she still uses tray but seems to pee on furniture when i’m in bed or not at home. it is getting beyond a joke and i can’t think of what to do. i don’t think she even realizes she’s doing it

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