Solutions for a Female or Male Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

Cats are very innocent and loving animal. Cats are tamed and brought up at homes by many cat lovers. But sometime we owner have to face some problem when he see our female or male cat urinating outside litter box. Though it is much painful for us owners to tolerate such behavior and the odor of urine irritate us but we should try to understand the reason why our cat is doing this. There are some most common reasons of this behavior:

  • The box is not washed properly
  • Litter boxes has not been changed
  • Medical problem or disease
  • Location of the litter box
  • Change in environment
  • Cat wants attention



Actually, cats are very sensitive and lazy creature. If we see some change that is not good, like peeing here and there outside the litter box. Then we should take these measures.


Wash Litter box

Get some spare time and completely wash the litter box with proper chemical or washing material, so there should be no smell of urine at all. Now it would be comfortable for cat to use it for peeing.


Change litter

Try to change litter after some days but cats are not ready to be familiar with new litter suddenly.  Place a new litter box near the old letterbox and in this way the cat will start using new litter box and your rooms, couches, beds would not be spoiled more.


Medical Problem

May be there is a medical problem or disease, due to which the cat is not using its toilet properly. So just visit veterinary doctor and tell him complete symptoms.  It would be much useful for your cat if some medicine is prescribed by doctor for your innocent pet.


We might get irritated when we see our female or male cat urinating outside the litter box. But all we need is to patient. Sometimes your cat wants to draw your attention that’s why they urinate here and there so give them the best attention they need. In this way you can get better result.



2 comments to Solutions for a Female or Male Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

  • Kathie

    I have just had to put my older female cat down. My other cat is a male about 3. He will poop in his box but won’t pee in the box. He only urinates on my clothing. He will go outside and use my garden as a litter box during the warmer months. What is up with him? I need this to stop. I changed where I put my clothing. Now I think he is trying to pee on my carpet. UGH!

  • josilyn

    Ihave had my cat for 8 years and she has NEVER peed outside her box till my roommate brought her dog in. now thier BOTH doing it can you help??
    she always goes in the same spot (right next to the box) once a week. the vet suggested “confinenment ive tried that to no avail, ive had her on all sorts of behavioral meds nothing has worked.. im at my wits end. i dont want to give up my cat i love her too much but i have NO idea what to do here…shes got a totally clean bill of health and everything has gone crazy.

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