Cat Peeing on Couch. Husband is frustrated what should I do?

This was sent in by a reader, please add a comment below helping out this reader on what she should do with her cats?

I have 2 7 years old male indoor cats that I am at the verge of losing my mind with. Last Feb (2012) one was diagnosed with crystals and that was why he was peeing everywhere, especially the couch. Well after many months and vet visits later we seemed to remedied the situation. We got the couch professionally cleaned and thought we were on the mend, until Feb of this year the peeing has begun again. I believe it is by the other cat now. After we saw it, we noticed the couch was smelling again and now we have no couches or love seat to sit on. Just today one of them peed all over the love seat again, after Ive cleaned it over and over again. I can not deal with this anymore and I am at a loss. All they do is cry for food and I have given them extra attention, I still gave them attention during the peeing episodes. I don’t know what to do. I am so emotionally upset and my kids cry and my husband is frustrated and I am just drained and don’t have any clue on what to do. Please help.

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