Cat peeing in the wrong place.

Cats come across as being so clean..    They’re frequently washing themselves..
When they pee, or poop,  they cover it over when they’ve finished.
However their pee does have an odor?
- My nose has  taken me to a “patch” behind a chair in the corner of our lounge!!
I’m sure its the smell of cat pee!
Ive got 2 older cats.  “Co-existing” would be the best way of describing their relationship. At times they may wash each other,  other times especially near food a moderate amount of hissing goes on.  This behavior / relationship  has continued for years.
We have a cat door.
In cool weather they sleep indoors.      In warm weather they snooze in a  sunny spot.
Our cats use the garden for their “cat toileting”..   They have plenty of bare soil areas to choose.
This odor of cat pee has got me puzzled.
-Also which cat did it, and how long ago was it done?
“Old black”  sleeps in strange places!!.. (usually at a height.. like on the top of an arm chair!!or jumps up to the top of our wall unit.)  She’s not a floor cat!!
“Old ginger”, sleeps on the floor.  She is a great “vocalizer”.   A cat you can chat  with..   I was woken  by her extremely loud howling recently, when the neighbors cat decided to visit in the middle of the night.
I’m wondering.. Could it be the wet weather that has put puss off from going outside.
We’re out at work during the day.    Could it be because of a  visiting cat?   Maybe one of our cats were  marking her territory?   Or (our cats aren’t young) decided they didn’t have time to make it outside?
Meanwhile I’ll work on cleaning the carpet, and look into ways of discouraging this inappropriate peeing  by pus.

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