Suggestions and Guidelines to Stop Cat Going Outside Litter Box

Suggestions and Guidelines to Stop Cat Going Outside Litter Box

We find many cat owners complaining about their cat’s behavior. One of the odd behaviors is cat going outside litter box. Many cats are kicked out due to this unnecessary behavior. However, it is not a great problem to deal with. If you act upon the following suggestions, you can get rid of this tension.


  • You should have two or three litter boxes and keep on changing them and make some observation. After a week or a month, try to figure out where they feel more comfortable. Familiarity to the litter box are some instances to stop them going outside their litter box.
  • Make sure that litter box is not placed at some disturbed location that means the place where people are coming, going and making noise. Usually, cats do not like noisy places and decide to go somewhere else to keep their privacy.
  • While buying a litter box, keep in mind the convenience of cat’s entrance and exit. Avoid the boxes with lids and with great height that cause hurdle in the way of cat. This hurdle makes the cat going outside the litter box for urination.
  • Clean the litter box regularly at least once in a day.
  • If you are an owner of many cats, keep every cat in separate box. It is very hygienic otherwise it could cause many diseases.


  • Keep different boxes for male and female cats in color and design.
  • Continuous outside urination may be due to some medical problem instead of behavioral problem. The discoloring of cat’s urination is an indication of some disease. In this situation you must visit your veterinarian.

It is really a big issue for cat owners when they always see their cat going outside litter box. But it is not difficult to overcome with it. The above given suggestions and guidelines would surely help you to get rid of this problem.



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